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Dive Training

Has just been Redefined!

Caribbean Dreams has teamed up with Calgary Scuba and their professional staff of Instructors in order to provide you with the best training experience possible. At Calgary Scuba, they understand what it feels like to be a new diver, and are empathetic to the challenges and experiences you are about to face.

Dive training with Calgary Scuba, Alberta's only SDI 5 Star Instructor Training Facility, and TDI/SDI, the world's best dive training agency. Take the Challenge!

Before you give any of your hard earned money to anyone for dive training, visit Calgary Scuba for more the most detailed and up to date information available.

Stop and Compare

  • State of the Art Equipment

    As a new student learning how to Scuba Dive, it is very important to have trust in the scuba gear you use.

    Calgary Scuba has a full fleet of high quality rental equipment, which they turn over regularly in order to provide you with the best training experience possible.

  • No Hidden Extras "Ever"

    With Calgary Scuba, everything you need is included with their Open Water Course. The only thing you will need to be a diver is your own set of personal snorkeling gear. Come visit Calgary Scuba, for all your scuba and snorkelling gear needs.

  • Unparallelled Skill Development

    Calgary Scuba's Instructors provide the best instruction available from the most recognized scuba certification agencies around the world. Training is the reason you came to us, unwavering commitment is why you stay.

  • Fair and Honest


    Snorkelling and Scuba gear are not created equal.
    In this sport, you do get what you pay for. Calgary Scuba carries only high quality, professional brands. We are here to help you make informed purchases.